Survey conducted by Trump pollster suggests Republican party divided into five distinct “tribes”

A national survey conducted by former President Trump’s pollster suggests that the Republican party is divided into five distinct “tribes.”

The poll highlights that four of the five “tribes” hold a very positive opinion of the job that the former president did. The five “tribes” include “Trump Boosters” “Diehard Trumpers,” “Post-Trump GOP,” “InfoWars Trump,” and “Never Trump.” Tony Fabrizio, who was Trump’s pollster in the 2016 and 2020 campaigns, says the goal of the poll was to find out how much clout Trump still had within the Republican Party. To do that, Fabrizio parsed GOP voters “based on their attitudes toward President Trump and his role in the party to identify and define the ‘tribes’ that currently exist within the GOP.”

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The short answer of the poll is that Trump still has massive support, according to Fabrizio. “Trump Boosters” make up 28 percent of the party. A slight majority said they would vote for Trump again in a hypothetical 2024 nomination race. While this group has an overall positive opinion toward the former president, they are mor supportive of the Republican Party itself. “Diehard Trumpers” made up 27 percent of the poll. This groups said they would “definitely” vote for Trump again in a nomination race. This group believes Trump should continue to lead the party and they say they are more supportive of the former president rather than the GOP.

A fifth of respondents were “Post-Trump GOP.” This group holds a strong positive opinion of Trump but believes that the party needs to move forward with new leadership. About a tenth of respondents were “Info Wars Trump.” This group was near unanimous support for Trump and holds a favorable view of many conspiracies backed by Qanon. Finally, 15 percent of the respondents were “Never Trump.’ This group is the one group that holds an unfavorable view towards Trump, and they said they would not vote for him in a nomination race.

Overall, the GOP is split with their loyalty towards Trump. Half of the party is more supportive of Trump while the other half is more supportive of the GOP first. About six in ten respondents said they’d like to see Trump continue to lead the party. The poll indicates that if a wide-open Republican 2024 primary were held today, Trump would win just over half the votes. The national survey of 1,264 Republican voters was conducted Feb. 20 to March 2, with an overall sampling error of plus or minus 2.76 percentage points.





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