About Us

Mission Statement:

The Raging Patriot is a conservative news outlet that aims for truthful news to inform the general public of the United States of America.

Our Story

The mainstream media was once viewed as a trusted source of information where millions of Americans could be educated on events ranging from domestic to international affairs, in fact, CNN still claims to be “the most trusted name in news”. Unfortunately, we now live in an era of lies, corruption and deception. The mainstream media has become a tool of the left to push radical propaganda for the Democrat establishment; this is what helped lead to the creation of what has now become The Raging Patriot!

Our story begins back in January of 2020, where Co-Founders Nicholas and Michael started with an idea that was aimed at allowing them to reach their base without the fear of censorship. Prior to this idea, both Nicholas and Michael had amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, where they both proudly spread the TRUTH to millions of patriots. However, as previously stated, they both suffered the same consequences of Big Tech censorship resulting in limited reach and banned pages. Rather than being discouraged by this Un-American form of censorship, it only further ignited their passion to spread the TRUTH.

Fast forward to the beginning of January 2020 and President Trump had just undergone the first Impeachment hoax. After witnessing the united front of lies from the fake media, Michael and Nicholas were determined to do something to address this lost conservative voice in the media. Many ideas and early concepts were discussed and created, and eventually, The Raging Patriot became the news site you see today. Although, this was not without its challenges. 

Looking back to the early days of The Raging Patriot, our organization is grateful to have been in a position to hire a talented team during the height of the Covid outbreak when 20 million Americans were out of work.

One thing that both Nicholas and Michael are extremely blessed to have is the team that makes up The Raging Patriot, without them, none of our accomplishments would have been possible. We have come a long way since our founding and we reached millions of patriots in the process, however our job is not completed yet. We set out on a mission to put ‘TRUTH’ back into news and give confidence back in the press, and we plan on continuing to pursue this mission until it is accomplished. SearchSearch