“Philly Just BOO’D Jill Biden”: Joe Biden’s Wife (Or Sister As He Would Call Her) Humiliated At Eagles Game

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Dallas Cowboys versus the Philadelphia Eagles is one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL. On Sunday night, the Eagles continued their winning streak and are now in the lead in their division with six wins and zero losses.

It was an exciting game, even though the Cowboys lost. At first, it seemed like the game would be a blowout. You were probably screaming at the TV during the first half if you are a Cowboy fan like me. Then it was like the coaches gave the team a beat down during halftime, and that is when the real game began. Their defense was strong, and they finally got some touchdowns.

Sadly the Eagles defense was better. Their offensive team is one of the most top-notch teams I have seen so far. They seem to have a good groove going, and we might end up seeing them go to the Super Bowl. However, it is still early, and there may be a team out there that will kill their winning streak. Maybe, my hometown team, Pittsburgh Steelers, will be the ones to clip their wings.

When I turned on to watch the game, I immediately groaned when I saw Jill Biden. I thought to myself, “I bet she was booed.”

It turns out I was right; unfortunately, the media has worked overtime to ensure we can’t have any video footage of it.

Source: Play time with Kat/Youtube

Twitter caused a storm as many Twitter users stated that Philly was booing Jill Biden.

“Philly just BOO’d Jill Biden BAD.”

“A stadium full of Eagles fans booed Jill Biden tonight, they must all be from the 5 surrounding counties.”

Granted, Philidelphia is known for having some of the most obnoxious fans. They would boo at anything and everything. They even give the Steeler nation crowd a run for their money. However, it is interesting to know that even in one of the most bluest cities, people are pissed.

In a city where Democrat Fetterman should dominate over Republican Dr. Oz, you would expect more cheers than boos. We will have to wait and see if Fetterman follows through with the debate against Oz on October 25. However, his team may read this moment as a sign not to debate Oz; of course, they won’t tell us the truth if he backs out.

Both Joe and Jill Biden are huge Eagles fans. Jill Biden was there to promote the White House’s Cancer Moonshot initiative, which explains the “crucial catch” ads and voting registration that plagued our TVs last night. Cancer patients and survivors joined her. She also was on the field for the coin toss and led fans in a rendition of “Fly Eagles Fly.”

Apparently, football fans started to boo Jill Biden the minute she stepped out onto Lincoln Financial Field. It looks like Philidelphia Eagles fans deserve a little more respect. They may be loud and obnoxious, but at least they are honest.

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