Breaking: Report Reveals Ronald Reagan Called Joe Biden A “Demagogue” After Biden Threatened To Leak Private Information

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Former President Ronald Reagan was well acquainted with our current president, Joe Biden.

Entries from his diaries, The Reagan Diaries, edited by Douglas Brinkley and released in 2007, show what Reagan really thought of Joe Biden.

In an entry on June 15, 1986, he said, “1st meeting with Ken D. & the V.P.—Howard late getting back from Tennessee,” Reagan wrote on June 15. “Some talk about Sen. Biden—now cand. for Pres. I saw him on CNN last night speaking to the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard U. He’s smooth but pure demagog—out to save Am. from the Reagan Doctrine.”

The Washington Examiner shared:

Yes, “demagogue.” From Reagan, that’s especially strong stuff. But it’s entirely accurate. Biden’s whole career was built on doing whatever it took to “connect” with an audience, no matter how many fibs and exaggerations, and plagiarisms it took — and no matter how wrong his policy analyses were.

And wrong they were, especially when it came to national defense and foreign policy. Former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who served presidents of both parties, famously said that Biden had been wrong about “nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Biden was wrong on the Reagan doctrine, wrong on the 1980s defense buildup, and wrong on the Strategic Defense Initiative. He was wrong to oppose the first Gulf War when a U.S.-led coalition deftly kicked Saddam Hussein’s troops out of Kuwait. Under President Barack Obama, Biden was wrong to advise against the mission that killed Osama bin Laden. And when President Trump ordered the successful and helpful killing of Iran’s terrorist-supporting Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Biden opposed that, too.

Joe Biden was already in his second term as senator from Delaware when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980. He has been around for ages.

Ronald Reagan’s son Michael said, “After my father was out of office he shared with me that Sen Joe Biden confronted him and told him if he disagreed with my father on a Covert action he had planned he would leak it to the media to stop it.”

Great to blackmail the President becayse you didn’t get your way!

In 1986, Regan nominated William Rehnquist to be chief justice of the Supreme Court, and Biden was the Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member. Reagan wrote in his diary of Biden and his fellow committee members. 

He wrote, “The 1st meeting was last evening—highlighted by vitriolic attacks on TV by Sens. Kennedy, Metzenbaum & Biden. They really are a lynch mob.”

Biden also strongly opposed Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, nicknamed “Star Wars”. It was a plan to develop a space-based missile defense program that would protect the country from a large-scale nuclear attack.

Biden said that “The president’s continued adherence to [SDI] constitutes one of the most reckless and irresponsible acts in the history of modern statecraft.”

Seems that Biden has been causing problems for quite some time, all while never actually helping the American people one bit. What a combination!

Let’s all hope and pray that Biden will be done with politics after he serves his term.

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