Breaking News: GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Files Petition To Move Election Lawsuit To The Supreme Court Of Arizona

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The Arizona midterm election was anything but smooth and two months later, GOP gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, is still working to clean up the mess. 

The many problems of the day began within hours of opening the polls. Around one-third of Maricopa County’s voting centers started seeing issues with the vote tabulation machines. 

The machines were rejecting ballots; not what anyone wants to see on election day. Trying to fix this problem led to long wait times, long lines, and mass confusion for everyone involved. 

One election worker described it as “complete chaos.” 

Voters were informed that they could go to another voting center only to be told they were listed as having already voted because they did not know the proper “checkout procedures” when leaving the original center. 

On top of it all is the fact that the Democrat candidate was the overseer of the election. 

If that doesn’t make people question the election’s legitimacy, nothing will. 

Kari Lake’s election fraud lawsuit was dismissed recently but she has filed a petition to transfer her appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court. 

“A new governor is scheduled to be seated under a cloud of electoral uncertainty and impropriety,” Lake reminds us.

Her appeal states, “A significant majority of voters no longer trust the outcomes of elections in Arizona. A functioning republic cannot exist for long in these circumstances.”

Lake is a fighter and is not about to back down. In a statement, the GOP candidate said, “I promised when I ran for governor that I would stand up and fight for the people of Arizona every single day. And I’m still fighting for them because they’re asking me.” 

“I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve had days where I just go, ‘I’m tired.’ But I can’t walk away. I can’t say to the children, ‘Good luck. I had a great life. I had freedom in America. Good luck and enjoy the communism.’”

Comments and replies on her Twitter feed show that people are behind her. One Twitter user wrote, “As a resident of Maricopa County, I am truly sick over what happened. Don’t stop fighting. The majority is behind you!”

Another commented, “The fix was in. If nothing else optics looked really bad, so why not have an independent overseer of this election as one of the candidates was Secretary of State?”

In talking about her lawsuit, Lake said, “I’m hoping our appeal is more of the same. Where people actually get to see how corrupt this is. One of the things the judge would not allow us to bring forth was the count on the lack of signature verification or at least the process that is so broken.”

In response to Lake’s claims, Twitter user Armitas said, “To put it bluntly, ARS 16-672, which defines the narrow scope in which Arizona elections can be challenged, appears to have been used as a guide on how to violate elections without consequence.”

It appears that the Hobbs’ team knew how to do just that. 

“She’s a complete joke. She couldn’t even articulate her policies. She didn’t show up to debate. She didn’t even campaign. We have our very own version of Joe Biden here in Arizona. And her name is @katiehobbs,” Lake said when talking to Larry Elder on the Epoch Times The Larry Elder Show

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