BOMBSHELL: Vivek Ramaswamy says he will release the full Epstein Client List if elected president

credit: The New York Times

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy dropped a major bombshell on his twitter page today. He said he plans to release the Epstein Client List if elected president, and he didn’t just say one or two names he said the entire list.

credit: VivekGRamasawamy Twitter

Vivek states in this tweet that the administrative- police state should stop protecting its chief sponsors while weaponizing itself against its opponents. This is pretty important to note, because Vivek was the first Presidential candidate to come out publicly and say he would pardon Donald Trump on day one if elected president.

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We know Elon Musk and many popular people have called for the Epstein List to be released publicly, if this list ever gets released it will certainly cause an uproar regardless of who may be on the Epstein Client List.

credit: Travis_in_Flint

Also other big news regarding Epstein is that the Inspector General released the report on the death of Epstein today, he was given extra linens and no cell mate which apparently led to his death.

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