Bombshell: Donald Trump Visits Ohio, While Biden Heads To Kyiv, The Priorities Are Clear United States First And United States Last

Credits: Getty Images

On one side, the previous U.S. president, Donald Trump, and his administration members are working for the next presidential run and visiting East Palestine to witness the train derailment incident and the residents affected the most. 

On the other hand, President Joe Biden can be seen stepping onto Air Force One without hesitation for his scheduled visit to Warsaw, Poland, this Monday. 

However, what was not disclosed to Americans, is that he was heading to Kyiv in war-torn Ukraine.

What made Biden Fly into an active battlezone? Was he trying to direct (another) shipment of American hardware and ordinance that the American Army can now barely manage to lose? Or is he planning to bring peace between Ukraine and Russia by taking the initiative and bringing Russia back to the mediation? 

In casual terms, it was nothing more than a “flex,” as Biden was walking informally with Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky, while air-raid alarms were ringing in the background. 

GOP Rep. from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted: 

“Biden didn’t go to East Palestine, Ohio on President’s Day. He went to Ukraine, a NON-NATO nation, whose leader is an actor and is apparently now commanding our United States military to world war. We must impeach this America Last fool before it’s too late.”

The unexpected diversion came just a day following Biden’s controversial statement that the Americans would have to pay billions of more taxpayer funding in order to “allow pensions and social support to be paid to the Ukrainian people so they have something, something in their pocket.”

Former President’s son Donald Trump Jr. expressed the disrelish and zero faith of Americans when he wrote: 

“Americans are struggling at home and Joe Biden is thinking about making sure we cover Ukrainian citizen’s pensions. You literally can’t make this shit up.”

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