Which is it? Joe Biden Claims He Doesn’t Support the Green New Deal at the Debate; His Own Website Says Otherwise

Joe Biden has successfully confused everyone about his plan’s to deal with climate change. Joe Biden expressed multiple times that he doesn’t support the green new deal, while in one exchange he appeared to defend the green new deal. NBC edited the clip below, take a look for yourself.

Joe Biden’s Website Contradicts Joe’s Debate Performance

On JoeBiden.com, it lists his plans for climate change. A direct quote under that category reads as follows. “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.” Unsurprisingly, Chris Wallace of Fox News allowed this to go untouched and now the American people have no idea what Joe Biden supports. Does Joe Biden even decide what goes on his own website? This raises major concern about Joe and his policy because it seems as if there is someone more radical than he is calling the policy shots. The debate exposed this issue that the media so far has been relatively silent about.

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Is this what the American people want? Is Joe Biden making a case to the public that isn’t even true? We demand answers and we also demand prepared moderators to push candidates when they speak lies. Chris Wallace spent the night double teaming the President while allowing simple things like this to pass by unquestioned. If there is anything that is for sure, it is that the next debate must provide us with more clarity on the two candidates.

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