THIS IS MASSIVE! Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Issued A Challenge To Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Credits: Barry Reeger, J Scott Applewhite

GOP Rep. from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has challenged her Democratic rival from New York, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While talking with CNN, AOC claimed that the committee candidates selected by the House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, are not much skillful as compared to the Democratic Rep. from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, who recently got eliminated from the Foreign Affairs Committee.

She stated: 

“These individuals that [Speaker] Kevin McCarthy has chosen to appoint to a committee – George Santos claimed that his grandparents were in the Holocaust. That was a lie. A disgusting lie. Marjorie Taylor Greene regularly trafficking in antisemitic conspiracy theories… these are individuals, Marjorie Taylor Greene included, inciting violence against specific members in the body.”

In response, Greene took no time and proposed a challenge to her opposition rival. 

Greene stated:

“I have repeatedly asked you to debate me, but you have been a coward and can’t even respond. But you go on @CNN and lie about me. When are you going to be an adult and actually debate me on policy instead of run your mouth like a teenage girl?” 

She added:

“.@RepAOC, can you explain to the American taxpayers why your communist state leaders decided to abuse $9 billion in Covid cash for “staff development” on privilege and equity warriors? Asking on behalf of Americans strapped for cash and chained in $31 trillion in Gov debt.” 

AOC replied:

“Hey there! In case you forgot, we sit on the same committee, which debated for the first time this week. I don’t blame you if you forgot. You spent almost no time there. In the few minutes you did show up, you claimed one elementary school got *$5 billion dollars* to teach CRT.” 

Greene responded:

“Yeah, it’s busy in the majority, remember that? So can you explain why you sickos in NY abused Covid relief funds for things like Drag Queen story time? Was it a good time to brainwash kids and lie to them about gender when your state forced them to stay home from school?”

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