The Attorney General Of Missouri, Eric Schmidt, Goes On Record In Denouncing The Protests At Judge’s Homes; Calling It “Thug Behavior”

It was recently reported by Newsmax that people protesting outside the homes of Supreme Court justices over the leaked Roe v. Wade draft document are engaging in “third-world, thug behavior,” while trying to intimidate them into keeping the 1973 decision on abortion, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt told Newsmax on Tuesday.

But that should come as no surprise, according to Schmitt.

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“You look at what the left did, whether it was [Justices] Robert Bork or Clarence Thomas or Brett Kavanaugh: There is no norm; there’s no rule; there’s no law they’re not willing to break to get their way and frighten all of America,” Schmitt, who is running in the Missouri GOP Senate primary, told Tuesday’s “John Bachman Now.”

The Roe v. Wade ruling, when it was made, involved nine unelected judges who removed the debate from the entire country, Schmitt added, and he hopes the decisions on abortions are returned to the state level.

It is illegal under federal law to influence the outcome of a federal court case, Schmitt said, but nothing is being heard about stopping the protests because the Department of Justice has become a “political operation.”

“Remember this is the same Department of Justice that worked with the National School Boards Association to weaponize the FBI to investigate parents who had the gall to show up to school board meetings because they were objecting to critical race theory,” he said.

“But they refuse to go after and to investigate these folks who are in front of the Supreme Court justices’ homes, which was very obviously meant to intimidate these justices to get to a certain outcome.

“That was the reason why this leak happened in the first place.”

Americans, though, “have had enough of this stuff,” the attorney general said.

He also condemned President Joe Biden for using his speech to the nation Tuesday to talk about his achievements on the economy rather than to condemn the protesters.

“He ought to be standing there today, condemning this and telling people to stand down,” Schmitt said. “This is not good for our republic in the long term and the short term. No matter how you slice it, the idea that you would have people intimidate Supreme Court justices just to get your way is ridiculous.”

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