Nancy Pelosi Wants the White House Staff to Hold an “Intervention” Because There’s Something “Wrong With President”

Appearing on “The View”, Nancy Pelosi said that she wants White House staff members to hold an “intervention” because there is something “clearly wrong” with the President. She didn’t give any details as to what specifically is “wrong” with Trump, but she did say she thinks his behavior has been erratic and that his advisors and Republican colleagues are “enabling” him.

She said, “The President has always had erratic behavior. Right now it’s very, very dangerous because he knows the danger of the virus, but he’s in denial…Denial, delay, distortion, and look what has happened to our country. There are enablers around the President who really should know better. The Republicans in Congress have enabled much of this to happen.”

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But Nancy, what exactly is “this” that you are referring to? You need to give the American people specific examples before you make a blanket statement like that. She’s even been heard saying that she thinks the President is mentally impaired due to the medications he’s been taking to treat COVID-19, when there has been no indication of that, even from his doctor.

The Speaker also said, “We should be concerned because of the virus and its viciousness, but also because of the denial the President is in. There’s something wrong about the disconnect between what the President’s responsibilities are and what’s happening.”

Again, she is only making broad statements and not citing any evidence. What is he doing that’s erratic? What is this disconnect she speaks of? Who is that are enabling the President? And in what ways?

This is just a never ending attempt from the Democrats to smear Donald Trump and delegitimize his Presidency.

Sources: The Daily Wire, Conservative Brief

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