Mainstream Media Predictably Praises Biden’s “Symbolic” Extension Of Eviction Moratorium

In an all-around display of lemming like conformity and capitulation to the Far-Left, President Biden a surrender to the mindless chatter of left wing ideologues when he extended the eviction moratorium in light of ceaseless bleating and honking from the “regressive” left. Additionally, the mainstream media followed lock and step behind this parade of placation by then praising Biden for his moral surrender and doing as Politico stated succinctly, a “remarkable 180”.

Politico went on to say that, “After days of progressives fuming over the failure to prevent the federal eviction moratorium from expiring, the White House abruptly shifted its calculus on Tuesday and enacted a new ban.”.

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It was just earlier today that the CDC announced an extension of the moratorium though October 3rd. As Breitbart reports, “The targeted moratorium applies to counties experiencing “substantial and high” levels of community transmission of COVID-19 as defined by the CDC and will be effective until Oct. 3.”.

Biden has previously received storms of anger and frustration from many on the left, as Raging Patriot has previously reported. There was however, a rather humorous eye in the storm of this hurricane as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received a symbolic eviction notice on the door of her house via the courtesy of a protester.

As Breitbart reports, “Under the moratorium, tenants living in counties that improve their COVID-19 rates and do not experience substantial and high transmission for 14 days will lose their protection, while tenants in areas where case rates increase can gain protection.”.

This may well be the harbinger of a pattern of pandering as Biden (with cues from VP Kamala Harris ) sacrifices even moderate Democratic political philosophies and position to acquiesce to the the demands to the Far Left.

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