Donald Trump Reveals The First Thing He Would Do If He Was Elected Into The Oval Office Again

Photo Source: Rolling Stone

If Donald Trump runs for president again and is elected, his first executive action will be to begin construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

During a wide-ranging interview on Epoch TV’s “Kash’s Corner,” the 45th president stated that the wall was critical because it conveyed a strong message to world leaders like as China’s Xi Jinping.

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“First and foremost, the wall, even for him,” Trump remarked of Xi. “Do you know why?” Because he loses respect for our nation when he sees millions of immigrants coming into it.” “When he, Putin, Kim Jong Un, and the authorities of Iran are witnessing millions of migrants walk into our nation… “They lose respect,” he continued.

“It’s so simple. You’ve got to close it, you’ve got to close it. “And that would send a very strong signal, a very strong signal,” Trump said. “And then you have to re-earn their respect.”

“How do you go about doing that? You accomplish this by ensuring that people understand that this country is here to stay and that we will not tolerate any foolishness.”

In March, Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked with dealing with the border crisis, but critics say she has done little to nothing to address the issue. Former Trump White House aide Stephen Miller allegedly urged for Biden’s impeachment due to his immigration shortcomings.

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During an interview with Fox News, Miller argued that the first articles of impeachment against Biden should be for his administration’s refusal to obey a court order regarding President Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, which allowed the government to deport illegal immigrants before their trial date.

“What he did to our country was heinous. “It’s utterly criminal, terrible, and repulsive, and there must be responsibility,” Miller added. “And now for the bottom line. When Republicans gain control of the House, they must implement an accountability agenda. They must have a strategy for combating crime, an agenda for combating open borders, and a strategy for combating big tech.”

“During the previous administration, President Trump instructed Homeland Security Investigations, or HSI, a division of ICE, to pursue countrywide workplace enforcement.”

“In fact, under President Trump, we had the highest worksite rate in American history, which I was extremely pleased of. “All of it has now been turned off,” he continued.

“If you labor illegally in this nation, you will be able to accept an American job while impersonating someone else, obtaining a Social Security number, and collecting public benefits the entire time.”

He said he would also like to address the parole concern raised by Bill Melugin. “Parole is similar to DACA or deferred action for those who are outside the country and wish to enter the nation illegally,” Miller explained.

“In other words, if you are here illegally, DACA, or deferred action, says you may stay, you are protected from deportation, and you can apply for a work visa.”

“That’s what they’re doing now with freshly arrived illegal aliens from outside the nation. Parole is only meant to be granted in the case of a rare humanitarian emergency. The most common example is for someone who needs to give an organ. They are a match, and they must enter the nation to donate a kidney,” he explained.

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