Checking Out of California

Going out West used to be a big deal during the years of the Gold Rush.  States like California have some incredible natural terrain and great weather year round in some parts.  A newer trend, however, is to leave the state of California due to what is going on within the state.  Same big names have already left and more are likely to follow.  

One of the biggest names to already leave and a prominent leader in the movement is Joe Rogan.  Rogan is popular for his time on Fear Factor, as well as his extremely successful podcast.  Rogan cited the traffic, economic state, and homelessness issue as reasons that he wanted to leave.  State tax rates are also very high.  For Rogan, he could have been paying over 13% in taxes every year (Johnson).  

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Kanye West, a rapper and entrepreneur, is another well known-figure in the movement.  West and his family now own property in Wyoming.  West also moved the headquarters of his Yeezy company from California to Wyoming (Miltimore).

Ben Shapiro, a political commentator and author, is also leaving the state.  In a piece published by Fox News, Shapiro spoke about his thoughts on California and what the state has meant to him.  He has lived in the state for over thirty years and began his family there.  In explaining his reasons for leaving he said, “We’re leaving because all the benefits of California have steadily eroded and then suddenly collapsed.  Meanwhile, all the costs of California have steadily increased and then suddenly skyrocketed” (Shapiro).  

Looking at the numbers, a little over 650,000 residents moved out of the state in 2019.  Well under 500,000 new residents moved in that same year (Escalante).  

Apparently people can check out and leave, contrary to what the Eagles say in the hit song “Hotel California.”

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