Breaking: The Fight For Women Has a New Ally, Watch Company Releases New Ad Defending Girls’ and Women’s Sports 

Egard Watch Company

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The war on women continues with zero House Democrats voting in favor of legislation aimed at keeping male athletes out of girls’ and women’s sports. 

Not one single Democrat in the House was willing to stand up for women.

The bill passed with 219 Republicans voting in favor and 203 Democrats voting against the measure. 

The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act seeks to amend federal law as it pertains to Title IX. 

Title IX mandates that institutions that receive federal funding cannot discriminate based on sex. The measure seeks to add that “sex shall be recognized based solely on a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth” when evaluating Title IX athletics compliance. 

“This legislation is the first step towards restoring integrity and fairness in women’s sports. The strides of women in sports should never be sacrificed to appease the radical woke mobs on the left,” Representative Virginia Foxx (R., N.C.) said during a press conference following the vote.

The fight is far from over, unfortunately. Biden is expected to veto the measure.

Enter Egard Watch Company, a Florida-based luxury timepiece and jewelry brand. The company is taking a stand in the national debate about male athletes competing in women’s sports.

The watch company released an ad #Erased featuring a young girl’s story of her dream to become the fastest runner in the world.

“I got this little nugget of an idea from my dad,” she says in the ad. “He used to watch me run and say, ‘ain’t no woman alive that can beat you,’ and I believed him. He made me feel invincible. It wasn’t easy.

“I trained hard, harder than anyone else I know. But I was made for this, an unstoppable force. A life dedicated to perfection. But even perfection wouldn’t be enough.”

At that moment, the camera zooms in on the face of a male beside her on the track.

Then come the headlines pointing out the absurdities that have plagued women’s sports in recent months.

  • “Transgender woman who last year competed as a man wins NCAA track championship”
  • “ESPN honors Trans Athlete Lia Thomas in ‘Celebrating Womens’ History Month’ Segment”
  • “Fallon Fox MMA: How many skulls has the under-fire transgender MMA fighter been accused of breaking?”

“This ad is necessary to demonstrate the inequality and injustice that is being perpetrated on female athletes — and women in general. We care when women are mistreated in the workplace, but athletes who have practiced and sacrificed for many years are told to shut up,” Ilan Srulovicz, founder and CEO of Egard Watch Co., said in a written statement.

“Once we allow the re-classification of people based entirely on how they self identify we open a dangerous window into erasing standards across the board.

“It’s not just sports but prisons, age of consent, medical treatment, and more. We can not accept untruths in society without accepting the long-term consequences of them. This is why we stand with women on this issue and are making a statement to stop the erasure of decades of hard-fought battles for equality,” Mr. Srulovicz said.

It’s refreshing to see a company take a stand against the woke mob

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