Breaking News: Kari Lake Seeks Further Review By Supreme Court Of Arizona Regarding Ballots

Last month, the Supreme Court of Arizona rejected certain aspects of Republican candidate Kari Lake’s plea regarding the gubernatorial race from the midterm elections held in November. 

The Supreme Court of Arizona has revived a claim that was earlier rejected by a trial court, concerning the verification procedure of the signatures, in Maricopa County.

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Lake’s team has recently filed a briefing at the state Supreme Court, reiterating her claim that 35,563 ballots were unaccounted for and appeared in Maricopa County’s final total during the midterm election.

The court also instructed Lake to submit a response to Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes’ and Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’ request to sanction Lake for asserting in her brief that “the undisputed fact that 35,563 unaccounted for ballots were added to the total number of ballots at a third-party processing facility.”

The justices concluded:

“The record does not reflect that 35,563 unaccounted ballots were added to the total count. The motions for sanctions will be considered in due course.”

The motion regarding the plausible 35,563 votes is a vital development as it beats Hobbs’ margin of win of approximately 17,000 votes.

KPVI reported that Secretary of State Fontes and Gov. Hobbs has filed a new petition asking the Arizona Supreme Court to sanction Lake for touting “frivolous conspiracy theories” in state’s courts.

Hobbs’ lawyers wrote in a motion:

“In the months since the election, Kari Lake has baselessly and relentlessly contested her loss and sought to overturn the will of Arizona’s voters and sow distrust in our election processes and officials.” 

During the end of March, the Arizona Supreme Court approved Lake’s request to resurrect the claim concerning the signature verification process in Maricopa County.

The Associated Press reported:

“In an order Wednesday, the state’s highest court said a lower court erroneously dismissed Lake’s claim challenging the application of signature verification procedures on early ballots in Maricopa County. The court sent the claim back to a trial court to consider.” 

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