“You’re On Notice”: GOP Lawmaker Issues Warning To Bill Gates Over…

Rep Mike Waltz demands Bill Gates to ban Hamas (the well-known terrorist organization known for their attacks on Israel) from utilizing the Qatar Four Seasons Hotel.

Bill Gates has ownership in the Four Seasons Hotels located in the area of Qatar and Hamas members have been hosted in these specific hotels.

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The Western Journal Reported:

Florida Republican Rep. Mike Waltz made a point of calling out the mega-billionaire Microsoft co-founder over Gates’ ownership stake in the luxury hotel chain Four Seasons, declaring that the company’s property in Doha, Qatar, has hosted the Islamic terror group Hamas.

Waltz, in a social media post called him out, “Allowing these terrorists to use his hotels is a violation of the law,”.

He went on to state, “You’re on notice.”

The New York Post went on to publish a letter Waltz officially sent to Bill Gates, as a formal notice warning him.

The letter states, “Others have allegedly stayed there since, including during and after Hamas’s horrific terrorist attack that has so far resulted in at least 1,400 people killed in Israel, 3,400 others wounded, and 199 kidnapped,”

He went on to say, “At least 260 people alone were killed at a music festival near Kibbutz Re’im. The State Department has confirmed that so far 30 US citizens have been killed with another 13 unaccounted for,”

“There is credible reporting of beheaded infants, people burned alive, others raped, still others likely to be tortured, with their agony broadcast, during the weeks ahead.”

“Perhaps more immediately, it mandates a broad exclusion from the United States any non-US persons that engages in terrorist activity, including through actions like providing material support, such as housing, for terrorists,” He warned.

Rep. Mike Waltz noted that if Bill Gates were to engage in any sort of activity that would lead to the aid of a terrorist organization, that he would be held accountable.

2 thoughts on ““You’re On Notice”: GOP Lawmaker Issues Warning To Bill Gates Over…

  1. If he doesn’t want to hear anything! Bomb Bill Gates’ hotel and put an end to this Hamas-murderer shit!

  2. Teflon Bill, nothing has ever stuck to this individual including his wife! He has committed so many crimes against humanity and has NEVER been brought to justice! Alot of his bullshit is directly involved it the one world agenda. It seems as though one reaches a point where they’re wealthy enough that they can do and ac with impunity! SMDH

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