‘Worst Mayor In America’, Lori Lightfoot Gets Grilled Over Her Re-Election Campaign

Credits: Getty Images,WBEZ

On Thursday, Chicago’s Democratic Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, got her re-election mocked by commentators because of her campaign in which she was boasting about her approach towards the rising crime rate. 

In addition to this, her campaign seeked the aid of student participants who would receive school credits in return.

Fox News host, Greg Gutfeld lambasted Lightfoot on his show “The Five” and stated that “she’s not fighting for crime; she’s fighting for power.”

Lightfoot declared that she will seek Mayoral re-elections for Chicago in June 2022. Homicide incidents have touched the highest figures in 25 years in 2021 alone and the crime rate has gone up by nearly 40%, since Lightfoot took the position of Chicago’s Mayor in 2019.

Gutfeld torpedoed Lightfoot by stating that she only takes actions concerning public problems “when it’s a political threat.”

“It does show the difference between Democrats and Republicans,” he argued. “Republicans tend to confront their problem children, be it [George] Santos or somebody else. The Dems just elect them, you know, to be a historical first.”

He continued grilling Lightfoot by saying that she will be remembered in the history of Mayors, but not in the good thoughts she endeavors to be.

“She’s the first mayor to be under the thumb of cartels. She’s the worst mayor in America, the worst mayor Chicago has ever had,” Gutfeld said. “She looks like she hasn’t slept since 1983. She dresses like she pantsed the Salvation Army bell ringer.”

“Why don’t the Democrats call her out on her record? Why don’t they say anything? It’s because they’re cowards, and two, she’s protected by her diversity shield. Right?. A black lesbian left-winger.” Gutfeld said. 

“So they’re willing to let the city just be run into the ground. A 40% increase in murder. No White guy could get away with that.”

The co-host of the show, Geraldo Rivera, accepted that Chicago’s crime rate is the most significant political matter for mayoral nominees. He added that Lightfoot will be elected again.

“The overwhelmingly black and poor half of the city is where most of the gang violence is happening. Chicago is on track now to have over seven- or had – over 700 murders and led the nation by far in murders laBt year. So she runs on a very tenuous record,” Rivera said. 

“The problem from her point of view politically is that now that fear of crime, that absolute terror has people on the north side of town, the more affluent side of town, getting private police forces, security guards. So it’s there. The whole tempo of life in the Windy City has been undermined.”

Recently, Lightfoot got severely criticized following the emails sent by her campaign to public schools in order to request the teachers working in Chicago Public Schools to motivate students to participate in her movements and receive school credits in return.

However, Lightfoot tried to reverse what she did by blaming it on the staff working under her. She stated in a press conference on Thursday, that the emails were “clearly a mistake” by her campaign staff.    

Rivera declared it as a “brilliant” idea but had an “inherent dishonesty” to it. 

Lightfoot engaging students in her foolish campaigns, not listening to American civilians until their problems become the matter of life and death, and wishing to get fame to the extent of being remembered in U.S. history is such childish behavior. 

Controversial Democratic politicians like Lori Lightfoot are representing this great nation with their immature actions, fake promises, corruption, irresponsibility and incompetence. These Democrats are doing nothing except destroying America, which is why they should be stopped and impeached ASAP! 

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