Woke VIEW hosts blames Kamala’s unpopularity on RACISM & SEXISM

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The woke hosts of The VIEW came out to defend Vice President Kamala Harris as usual when her poll ratings were seen declining recently. Hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin came out as Kamala’s defenders and blaming the country for not liking Kamala Harris. Pointing out the fact that Kamala is the first “black woman” to hold the Vice President’s office.

Joy Behar immediately pulled the race and sex cards as soon as her co-host Whoopi Goldberg brought up the topic of declining support for Kamala:

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“Well, let’s see. What is different about her that we haven’t seen before? What could it be? Oh, that’s right. She’s a woman and she’s black. I almost forgot.,” Behar added.

I mean, it seems like there’s this bombardment of criticism on her and Biden coming from the right as if they have been in office for four years. They’ve only been there for what? Six months? Eight months. Eight months. What are they supposed to do? Change the whole world? Cure — get a cure for cancer? Solve the problem of climate change, deal with immigration? They have been doing immigration. How many presidential years. Other presidents have tried to fix immigration in this country. It’s a very, very hard and trackable problem. That’s what they handed her. So you know what? Back off.

Joy Behar

And as usual, Sunny Hostin joined in and used the racism and sexism card to go full-on defense for Kamala.

“Well, it’s not surprising because it is all about race and gender, right? As Joy mentioned. What’s different about this one? What is different about this particular vice president?”

Sunny Hostin
Source: The VIEW, ABC

What do you think about THE VIEW’s justification for Kamala’s ratings? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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