Woke editorial calls for “crackdown” on “vaccine evaders”

An LA Times Editorial from July 20, 2021, suggested that “It’s time to get tough on COVID vaccine evaders”

According to this LA Times editorial, “Its time to break out the sticks” for the “41% of Americans who have yet to get a single shot.” “If someone rejects inoculation for reasons other than medical, they should not be allowed to fully participate in society until this current public emergency is over.”

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“Efforts to educate skeptics about the undeniable benefits of the vaccines must continue, and the social media platforms need to do a better job at cracking down on deliberate misinformation that serves solely to stir up confusion and doubt about the vaccines – or worse.”

The editorial suggested while encouraging and justifying Big-Tech’s daily Orwellian censorship efforts. This comes in as the rumors of the Biden administration’s plan to issue vaccine mandate for millions of federal workers and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is enforcing similar mask mandate laws for members and staff of the house of representatives.

The CDC, the mainstream media, and President Biden were promoting the message of “no masks for the fully vaccinated” but now just a month later, every one of them is flipping on their own message and wants to re-enforce masks and even have vaccine mandate laws in some cases.

What do you make of this LA Times editorial and politicians wanting to mandate vaccination and indoor maskings? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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