Will There Be a Third Party Candidate on the Ticket in the 2024 Presidential Race? 


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There might soon be a place for people like Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and former Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan to land. 

The No Labels party is beginning to make some moves toward a third-party ticket for the 2024 presidential election. 

The founding co-chair of the No Labels centrist group reported the group’s intention to form a nominating committee focused on considering potential running mates for what has been dubbed the “unity ticket.” 

“In the next month or two, we’re going to form a nominating committee of representatives of our members around the country. And my guess is that committee will begin to make lists of who we should consider if we decide to run a ticket,” former Senator Joe Lieberman told Fox News Digital.

“But I think we’re gonna look outside too. It doesn’t have to be all people in elective office now and it could be retired military leaders or business leaders or people from the world of entertainment,” he added. 

Just what we need in Washington, D.C. — someone from the entertainment world. 

“If we get to the point that we’re going to start considering candidates before we decide whether to run a ticket next year, we have to be ready. 

“We’re going to look inside the box of people who have been in elective office, but also outside the box at people that have not,” Lieberman elaborated. 

“The country really needs strong, new, bipartisan leadership. And that’s not all going to come from people who’ve already served in Washington.

“The game plan for now, honestly, is just to put us in a position by next March, April, that we will be qualified for a third line hopefully on all 50 state ballots so we’ll have that option to run a ticket,” Lieberman said.

“It’s very clear from all the polling, more than a majority of people in our country say they don’t want the choice of Trump and Biden again. They want something else and if the two parties don’t give it to them, No Labels might well do that,” he stressed.

Lieberman remarked that members of No Labels are feeling the same way many American feel. 

They’re fed up with partisanship and politics in general and would like to see an alternative to Biden vs. Trump. 

A lot of critics and analysts opine that a third-party candidate serves only to take votes away from one candidate and elevate the other. 

The former Connecticut senator emphasized that the group’s goal is not to get Trump or Biden re-elected, adding “I think we’re only going to do it if we feel we actually might have a chance to elect that bipartisan ticket.”

The No Labels group, formed in 2010, aims to bring the federal government back to “some sort of bipartisan center.” 

There is a lot of uni party stuff going on in Washington, but on big issues like crime, transgender policies, the debt, the economy, guns, and immigration, the ideologies are vastly different.

The No Labels group hopes to bring solutions more to the center and disrupt the two-party monopoly for “the good of the country.” 

The party is gaining some steam, so it’ll be interesting to see how things play out over the next year or so. 

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