“Who Killed Ashli Babbitt…?”, Tucker Carlson Urges Americans To Review Facts of January 6

With an admirable blend of passion and rationale, Popular FOX News host, Tucker Carlson launched into a tirade, delivered with a cold fury, against the government and the FBI, with a final warning to not accept the January 6th narrative without getting some questions answered and some evidence reviewed.

Because when it comes to government, Americans should operate on the presumption of guilt, Carlson stressed one diffiult question more than others… is it possible that the FBI played some sort of an insidious role that day?

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Why is the Justice Department still tonight, hiding thousands of hours of footage from inside the Capitol that day? What could possibly be on that tape that we’re not allowed to see?”. These are uncomfortable and serious questions that do demand perhaps equally uncomfortable and serious answers.

Carlson also wants to know, as many Americans do and all Americans should, who killed Ashli Babbitt. Babbitt, of course, was the 35-year-old woman who was tragically shot and killed during the January 6 storming, and whose case was closed by the Justice Department back in mid-April. Tucker stated, clearly and explicitly, “Who killed Ashli Babbitt and what was the justification for killing her? Government officials get to shoot unarmed protesters in the neck for trespassing and we’re not allowed to know who did it, or why?”.

Carlson then well bolstered his case by stating the government, and more specifically, the FBI, has staged crimes before and that they did it, “…right before the election in Michigan for political effect.”.

It does seem incumbent upon Americans to treat the government and certainly its agencies as potentially hostile. It’s easy to keep in a laconic state of cynicism on this point and accept domestic government hostility as a self-evident truth, while at the same time not confronting or rallying against it.

Keeping the powder of one’s rage in a permanently dry state while not becoming cynical is essential for movement. Cynicism is quite difficult to mobilize in a meaningful way. Americans should strive to ask questions with the maximum amount of skepticism paired with a maximum amount of impatience.

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