Where’s Nancy? Joe Biden Breaks Silence And Is Forced To Comment On Nancy Pelosi’s Retirement Response

Source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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The takeaway from the 2022 midterm election is hopefully a wake-up call for many conservatives. The divide in the Republican party is the size of the Great Wall of China. The so-called “Red Tsunami” never had a chance to come to fruition.

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The party is plagued with RINOS, and Fox News is the bastion of RINOs. Fox News “decision desk” still won’t call Colorado District 3. According to Fox News, over 98% of the results are in, but since it is Lauren Boebert’s victory, no one wants to call it. At the beginning of election night, about 1% of the votes were in, showing her opponent was in the lead; she refused to concede and was criticized for not abiding by the left-wing media.

“With initial election results showing Democrat Adam Frisch in the lead to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert of Silt refused to answer whether she would concede if she loses her seat to Frisch…

However, as unofficial election results consistently showed Frisch with more votes, Boebert retreated upstairs for a large part of the evening.”

Lauren Boebert is an America First candidate and a member of the Freedom Caucus. She even had the stones to call out Eric Swalwell for sleeping with a Chinese spy.

Source: The Hill/Youtube

The reactions on Fox News to Trump’s announcement to run in 2024 should also serve as a wake-up call for many conservatives. The speech was even interrupted on Fox News by Hannity and Ingraham.

There is a populist movement within the Republican party. Republicans like Mitch McConnell will continue to hold the party back while Fox News will host people who point fingers at Trump for the lackluster “Red wave.”

Even if Herschel Walker wins, the Senate will still be a 50/50 split. Although, if we are being honest, it will be around a 52/50 Senate with RINOS such as Mitt Romney voting with the Democrats.

In the House, the Republicans will most likely win control. It wasn’t a breakthrough win but a typical win of the opposing party during midterms. Regardless of how the Republicans won the majority, the results are the same: Nancy Pelosi won’t be the Speaker of the House. If the Republicans had any sense, they wouldn’t choose RINO McCarthy as Speaker. However, since Republicans like having the power to do nothing, McCarthy will most likely win the position.

Now the question remains, what will happen to Nancy Pelosi? It has been rumored that she is considering retirement. Biden has urged her to stay, but Pelosi’s spokesman Drew Hammill has stated she will announce future plans once all the votes have been counted.

Conservative Brief reported:

“My decision will again be rooted in what the wishes of my family and the wishes of my caucus, but none of it will be very much considered until we see what the outcome of all of this is,” the Speaker said.

“There are all kinds of ways to exert influence,” she said. “The Speaker has awesome power. But I will always have influence.”

One must wonder what “all kinds of ways to exert influence” means, and the fact that she considers the power of the Speaker is “awesome power” shows a godlike complex. The statement gives us a clear picture of Pelosi’s mindset. Stating that she will always have influence sounds like a Freudian slip. Her godlike complex and Freudian slip are two topics that Fox News doesn’t have the stones to cover.

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