‘Where do I get my…back?’ Donald Trump has a Fiery Response to The Testimony that Hillary Clinton Started the Russia Hoax

Image from PBS

Former President Donald Trump has had to endure a media bombardment the like of which has never been seen by any president in the history of the United States of America. Donald Trump has said numerous times that he had to deal with two fronts throughout his four years as president, the first is with foreign leaders like Xi Jinping of China and Kim Jong-un of North Korea, and the second was with the Democrats here in the US.

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This is because, at every step of the way, the Democrat Party was there to make every single step as difficult as possible for Donald Trump, and of course, the fake mainstream media was there to push every false narrative and the spin the truth of all of Trump’s accomplishments.

One such narrative that dominated the headlines of much of the Trump Presidency was the fake Russia Hoax, in which the FBI spent over 50 million dollars but they found nothing. In fact, according to CNN, the entire Russia Hoax was a “nothing burger”.

The truth has been around for years now but only recently has it been revealed to the level at which Hillary Clinton was involved.

According to Fox News “the bombshell testimony out of the trial of Michael Sussmann that Hillary Clinton herself approved the dissemination of false information alleging a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank to the media”.

Fox went on to report Donald Trump’s reply to this “This is one of the greatest political scandals in history,” Trump told Fox News Saturday morning. “For three years, I had to fight her off, and fight those crooked people off, and you’ll never get your reputation fully back.”

“Where do I get my reputation back?” Trump said again.

“I had to fight them off,” Trump said. “And if we had real leadership, instead of people like Mitch McConnell, they would do something about it. And guys like Bill Barr. They would have done something about it.”

Trump said that the law enforcement and intelligence community resources devoted to investigating him and members of his 2016 campaign distracted officials from what “could have been a real danger with Russia.”

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