When The Mob Turns on Their Own: Chuck Todd Under Fire for Pointing Out That 70% of Americans Don’t Want Biden to Run For Re-Election 


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The host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” is learning that to utter anything negative about the head of the Biden regime, especially when it’s the truth, is suicide with the far-left wing of the Democrat party. 

Last Sunday, host Chuck Todd simply reported the results of an NBC poll showing that 70% of Americans and 51% of Democrats don’t want to see President Biden run in the 2024 presidential election. 

The poll showed that 60% of Republicans don’t want former President Trump to run again and only 6% of Americans want to see both of them run. 

“The point is this: There are large majorities that don’t want either gentleman to run,” Todd said with the graphic flashing in the background.

“It’s not because of his policies, it’s simply because of questions about his physical ability to do it and his current age,” he told Willie Geist of “Sunday Today.” 

“But the thing that is most striking in our poll is how much Republicans are rallying around Donald Trump. When you look at this poll, on one hand, if you’re Ron DeSantis, you can say, ‘Well, hey, so I’m trailing by double digits — Barack Obama trailed Hillary Clinton by double digits the entire calendar year of 2007.’ Right? He didn’t overtake her nationally until he won Iowa.

“But, boy, does it not look like the same type of race when you look at — you have 70% of Republican primary voters tells us, basically, that these charges against Donald Trump mean that it’s more important to rally around Donald Trump rather than giving them a choice that says, you know, he was a good president but these could be distractions in defeating Joe Biden. Only one in four Republican primary voters believe that.”

“What’s the top concern for that? We didn’t prompt them,” Todd said. “It’s almost all about his age and his ability to do the job.”

Biden supporters, or who some would call Trump haters, did not take the news on the poll results kindly. 

One Twitter user flat-out said, “Chuck Todd needs a muzzle.”

“Screw you, Chuck Todd, and screw you Me-lennials. The people who vote, the people you deride as ‘the establishment’ I want Biden/Harris, and they will win,” wrote a fiercely anti-Trump Twitter user.

And then came the “isms.” 

“NO! Chuck Todd has been spreading ageism for some time. I’m surprised that NBC/MSNBC allows this. I will vote for Biden bc he’s done more for Americans in 3 yrs than ever expected.” 

“They make up for Chuck Todd’s ageism by keeping Andrea Mitchell on staff,” read another comment. 

“No! The percentages are garbage. Because of this misleading crap, the last 2 elections were not predicted right at all. Polls were OFF. Chuck Todd sux,” wept another Biden supporter. 

The Hill reported similar findings from a CNBC All-America Economic Survey in December 2022. 

The survey also reported that 86% of Republicans who participated said they did not want to see Biden run for reelection and 57% of Democrats agreed.

No matter how you spin it, you can only pull the wool over people’s eyes for so long. Americans know what they are paying for things like gas, groceries, and electricity even though Todd said it’s not about Biden’s policies. 

November 2024 is a ways away, but with Biden announcing his plans for reelection, the race is on. 

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