What is Illegal Immigration?

No doubt you’ve heard the term illegal immigration. But do you know how illegal immigration can corrupt an entire country? The Raging Patriot does. We are here to help explain what illegal immigration is and why you should care about its drastic effects on our great nation. 

The Raging Patriot is your go-to resource to uncover the ugly details surrounding illegal immigration and more. We’ll help you understand why illegal immigration is at the heart of so many of our country’s problems. The statistics we are about to share with you are shocking. 

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What Is Illegal Immigration? 

To begin, let’s first define what an illegal immigrant is. They are classified as a foreigner who enters or resides in a country unlawfully without the country’s authorization. Or a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or overstays the period allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson. 

Approximately 15.5 million illegal immigrants currently reside in the United States. These immigrants and their children account for around 75-80% of annual total population growth. Annually, this costs the American taxpayer a staggering $143 billion. This breaks down to each immigrant costing approximately $9,232per year. 

The United States Border Patrol encountered almost 2.5 million illegal immigrants in 2022 alone. Many are repeat offenders that are unable to be permanently detained. These immigrants are released into the general population and given trial dates in the future. This procedure is known as “catch and release”. 

Many do not return to face trial. They effortlessly disappear into the masses. When this happens once, it goes unnoticed. But when 2 million people per year do it, it severely burdens our entire country. 

What Is the Impact of Illegal Immigration?

Daily, thousands of undocumented immigrants enter the United States illegally at our Southern border with Mexico. The greatest impact is with border states, where most cross over on foot. However, recent discoveries show many board planes sent to other states like Florida and New York.

Total immigrant population growth is most prominent in California, with Texas, Florida, and New York, not far behind. Land once used for agriculture is now gobbled up for new suburban development to house these illegals. 

Suburban sprawl is occurring at a record pace around the country, and demand is far outpacing supply. This mass migration has significantly impacted the housing market’s price bubble. The only upside is that employers have ample labor supply. However, these jobs could better serve hard-working Americans. 

Unrestricted population growth burdens water and energy use and the food supply and contributes to deforestation. Healthcare costs skyrocket, school classrooms get overrun, and migrant workers put a strain on services intended for legal residents. 

The money estimated to fund services for illegal aliens could instead fund homeless veteran services, giving every vet approximately $50k for 10 years. It could also expand school lunch programs and hire more than 300,000 teachers across the country. 

When Did Illegal Immigration Become Such a Big Issue?

Legal immigration has existed since the founding of our great country. Ellis Island became a famous entry point for countless migrants. As the country grew and land ownership increased, our borders did also. 

President Calvin Coolidge passed the first and most harsh immigration policy in our nation’s history. It is known as The Immigration Act of 1924. It set limits of 150,000 total immigrants per year. Overall, this law proved highly restrictive and discriminatory. Reform was needed. 

Laws enacted since then have loosened restrictions, including The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. This law, signed by Ronald Reagan, intended to restrict employers from hiring illegals into the labor force. Sadly, it did quite the opposite. 

The law gave over 2 million illegals amnesty. The bill was a failure, and lawmakers are still trying to find ways to amend it, to no avail. Lawmakers who want to revamp the bill can’t find common ground or a path to citizenship that doesn’t require mass amnesty. 

President Obama introduced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2012. This law burdened the system even more. Sadly, President Biden’s enhancement to the DACA bill stalled a recent shutdown of the bill by the Federal Appeals court.

Since Biden took office in 2021, overall illegal immigration statistics show a significant jump. Some of the increase could be attributed to the country reopening after COVID and higher demand for cheap labor. However, his immigration policies, or lack thereof, seem to be the real culprits. 

Biden’s judicial inaction, loosened border protection, along with the border wall construction freeze, have all contributed to this increase. Border states like Texas, Arizona, and Florida have resorted to taking action into their hands at their own state’s expense. 

Access to drugs has become increasingly easy due to a porous border, and the sex trafficking industry is expanding rapidly. Citizens who reside on the border find their land being destroyed by trash, theft, and drug paraphernalia, among many other things. 

It needs to end. 

How to Fix the Issue? 

No matter your country of origin, The Raging Patriot believes all people should have an opportunity for a legal path to citizenship. Entering by any other means should have legal repercussions. 

Cultural diversity is a substantial component of what makes America so unique. However, our borders have gone unchecked for too long, and it’s time for America to face the facts. Reform needs to happen so an entire people group is not marginalized simply because of their race. 

Discrimination of any kind is not welcome. Crackdowns on illegals should not prohibit their legal counterparts from applying for citizenship. By curbing illegal immigration with procedural and documentation reforms, enhanced law enforcement, and border security, along with help from Washington, we can get our country’s illegal immigration problem under control. 

Only by securing our borders and taking steps necessary for adequate detention and deportation can we begin to address those who are already among us. While amnesty is not the answer, neither is large-scale deportation. 

True healing begins when everyone faces the truth head-on. It’s time to own up to what illegal immigration is and what it’s doing to our nation. The Raging Patriot will keep you apprised of any information relating to illegal immigration. We trust you to follow this page often! 

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