‘We’ve Caught Him Red-Handed’: Sen. Rand Paul Announces Smoking Gun Against Dr. Fauci “We Will Finally Investigate…”


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Though most of us would like to see Dr. Fauci just go away, having him pay for his role in the Covid-19 pandemic and the handling of it would be very satisfying. 

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has been instrumental in advocating for bringing Dr. Fauci to justice. He has taken every opportunity to ask Dr. Fauci the tough questions that need to be asked. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci was appointed Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in 1984. He has advised seven presidents on many domestic and global health issues but his service has not been without controversy. 

Questions about Fauci’s practices and ethics came into question long before the Covid-19 pandemic. One has to look back at how he and his organization handled AIDS/HIV in the 80s. 

In a recent interview, Fauci said he has no regrets about how he handled the Covid-19 pandemic when asked if there was anything he would do differently if he had it to do over again. 

“I’m the first to admit I’m far from perfect, but when you say do over, you know, I really can’t see something that I would do completely over,” Fauci said to The Washington Post.

Rand Paul thinks Fauci should have plenty of regrets. 

When speaking with Fox News host Jesse Watters, Paul said, “Likely there is no public figure, or public health figure, that has made a greater error in judgment than Dr. Fauci.”

He said that Fauci’s error was in funding “gain-of-function research in a totalitarian country — fund research that allowed them to create super viruses that, in all likelihood, accidentally leaked into the public and caused seven million people to die.”

The senator from Kentucky has gone toe to toe with Fauci during Senate oversight hearings aimed at Fauci’s responses and recommendations regarding the pandemic.

“Think about it. This is right up there with decisions, some of them malevolent or military, to kill millions of people,” Paul said. “This is accidental, but it goes to judgment.”

“Talk about errors. You think he might apologize to the world for funding research that allowed superviruses to be created in a lab – a lab that was not properly outfitted for safety, that people were already reporting was dangerous – to support that kind of research, and then to look the other way and say, ‘Nothing to see here,’ and to cover it up,” Paul continued.

Fauci apologize? He is part of the elite class that is never held accountable for any wrongdoing. He’ll never apologize! 

“For the last two years, he’s been covering his tracks, but we’ve caught him red-handed, and he won’t get away,” the GOP senator said.

Senator Paul said that Fauci will not be remembered fondly in the history books. He believes he’ll be remembered for “one of the worst judgments in the history of modern medicine.” 

“I will not only hold Dr. Fauci accountable, but we will also finally investigate why your tax dollars were sent to fund dangerous research in Wuhan,” he said, according to Fox News. Let’s hope so. 

“I will not only hold Dr. Fauci accountable, we will finally investigate why your tax dollars were sent to fund dangerous research in Wuhan,” he said, according to Fox News.

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