“We Will Defeat It”; Pelosi Has Some Disturbing Words Against Potential Gavin Newsom Recall

In an obvious act of party fealty over the free and inclusive political process, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had some venom-soaked words for the media in light of the possibility of California Governor Gavin Newsom being recalled in the upcoming September 14th recall election.

As Fox News reports, “We respect it,” Pelosi said Thursday of the recall effort against the Democratic governor. “But we do not like it, and we will defeat it.” Californians are faced with two questions on their ballots: Should Newsom be recalled, and who should replace Newsom if he is removed? There are 46 candidates vying to succeed Newsom, and the governor urged his supporters this week to leave that question blank and just focus on voting “no” on the recall.”

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Not one content to only look like a liberal shill once, Pelosi urged the Californian constituents (one seems completed to think she was only talking to Democrats who agree with her, which granted may well be the entire state of California), “I want everybody to get out the vote,” Pelosi said. “I have my own operation working to get out the vote [and] making calls to defeat the recall of our governor.”

Pelosi isn’t the only heavy-hitter throwing support behind Newsom. As Politico reports, “President Joe Biden resoundingly endorsed Gov. Gavin Newsom against a looming recall vote on Thursday, telegraphing that the White House could come to Newsom’s aid in the race’s critical final weeks. The Biden administration had already gone on the record opposing the vote to oust Newsom. But Biden’s statement was on a different order of magnitude and came as the White House considers deploying Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris — or both — on Newsom’s behalf. “Governor Newsom is leading California through unprecedented crises,” Biden said in a statement. “He is a key partner in fighting the pandemic and delivering economic relief to working families and helping us build our economy back better than ever. He’s taking on the climate crisis and standing up for the rights of women, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community. He knows how to get the job done because he’s been doing it. And to keep him on the job, registered California voters should vote no on the recall election by September 14 and keep California moving forward.”

The sheep have certainly gathered into a flock here, but the hope is that, given Newsom’s tenure, best characterized as a long period of nothingness punctuated by periods of nastiness, the California strong will indeed turn out to vote and get themselves a governor, such as Larry Elder, to take California in the right direction. Or at least, stop the state from being on fire.

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