‘We Have Had Enough! Oust AOC!’: AOC Humiliated In Empty Town Hall Meeting, “Most of the people in the room support me, not her.”

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Tina Forte is the true Bronx girl. She is the one who will be challenging AOC for the seat of District 14 in New York. It is a race that isn’t being talked about much, not even on Fox News. FiveThirtyEight, a popular poll-watching site, doesn’t even have District 14 listed. Tina Forte is getting the Laura Loomer treatment.

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Source: Newsmax/Youtube

You would think that the RNC would want to help Tina Forte so that AOC is ousted during this midterm election. However, if you ever worked on the Hill, you would know that the Hill is a country club and that the Republicans are all about playing ball with the Democrats, not about making a change. The RNC doesn’t want people like Tina Forte or Laura Loomer on the Hill with them.

Laura Loomer has made it this far through the old fashion way of campaigning. That is door-to-door, phone calls, signs, and Town Hall meetings like the one on Monday, August 15th. No PACs are helping her; in fact, the establishment is fighting against her.

“Kevin McCarthy and the NRNCC, they gave Daniel Webster thousands of dollars of PAC donations, Kevin McCarthy endorsed Daniel Webster, and then they sent out these Robocalls to Republican voters, telling them that ‘Did you know that Laura Loomer is a Democrat?'”

Some in the crowd were shocked by the news because many still believed that Kevin McCarthy was one of the good Republicans. Laura Loomer is all about cleaning the House; she doesn’t mean the Democrats.

“These people, in my opinion, the RINO GOP establishment, are a bigger threat to our country than the Democrat party.”

Unfortunately, the RNC succeeded by keeping Daniel Webster in power. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to help Lisa Murkowski keep her Senate seat from Trump-backed candidate Kelly Tshibaka. The Senate Leadership Fund, which is associated with Mitch McConnell, has spent millions of dollars on attack ads against Tshibaka.

Lisa Murkowski is a RINO. She voted with Obama over 70% of the time and has voted in favor of Donald Trump’s impeachment. What happened to that “Commitment to America?”

Source: Kevin McCarthy/Youtube

Why wasn’t Marjorie Taylor Greene able to come up to the crowd? Did anyone notice that she was sitting in the crowd?If politicians like Kevin McCarthy actually cared about getting rid of the Democratic leadership, Marjorie Taylor Greene should have been one of the speakers. It would have shown that there is some unity within the party.

Source: Post Millennial

The Republicans show how inept they are by doing nothing, even when a great opportunity is rising for them. Tina Forte is that oppurtunity. AOC recently held a Town hall meeting, and hardly anyone showed up.

Tina Forte tweeted:

AOC is having a Town Hall right now in the Bronx. Barely any supporters have shown up to hear from her. Most of the people in the room support me, not her.

A few people even rose and challenged AOC. She could barely handle it; she refused to answer the questions and told the people that she wouldn’t because they were being rude. You would think that a bartender would be used to rude people.

“You’re playing with our lives!” A man shouted. “There will be no neighbors if there’s a nuclear bomb!”

So, where are the Republicans? Where is Elise Stefanki? New York is her state, too; why isn’t she attempting to help Tina Forte? Granted, New York is as blue as they come, but that never stopped the Democrats. This do-nothing attitude from Republicans is why Texas has gone purple.

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