WATCH: Tucker’s Hilarious Roast Of Secretary Of Defense Lloyd Austin

WATCH: Tucker’s hilarious roast of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

On Friday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson did a segment on Democrats’ new mask mandate policies and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin wearing a face shield on top of his mask and fist-bumping members of the military while exiting his plane in the Philippines.

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“Today, the Secretary of Defense appeared in public wearing this costume. This is Mr. Lloyd Austin, ladies and gentleman, the man in charge of our weapons systems,” Tucker said. “What’s he got on there? Is that a welder’s mask? Is it a dental visor? Has Lloyd Austin been cleaning teeth this morning?”

“Nope. Looks like Lloyd Austin is just terrified of COVID. Well, then why doesn’t he lose weight? Quite a bit of weight, actually. That’s a good question, that would be the rational response. Of course he hasn’t actually considered that” Tucker added.

Despite being fully vaccinated Secretary Austin appears to be wearing a face shield and mask and greeting people with fist bumps instead of regular handshakes. “He [Sec. Austin] made sure that all of his dutiful little minions do the same, an entire army of dental hygienists. And yet, even after all of the comically elaborate precautions, Lloyd Austin still looks scared for his life. How long before he’s wearing surgical gloves in the shower and zip-trying garbage bags around his feet? The U.S. military is run by a neurotic cat lady, our entire government is at this point.”

What do you make of the U.S. Secretary of Defense engaging in such behavior and Tucker’s response to this clip? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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