WATCH THIS: CNN Host Jake Tapper Calls Out the Biden Campaign, Says He’s Not Campaigning the Way President Trump Is

There are only two weeks until the pivotal presidential election that could very dramatically change the country as we know it and propel us into a future of suffering and socialism. Jake Tapper is a host for CNN and he discussed the differences in approach and execution between the Trump and Biden campaigns. This came after Senator Coons, who was on the show, praised Biden and his campaign, saying they were working “tirelessly”. This is obviously not true, just today the Biden campaign said they’ve put the campaign on hold until Thursday. By Thursday there will be almost 10 days until election night, that is not “tireless”.

At the start of the interview with Tapper and Coons, Tapper brought up Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon” saying that the presidential race is a lot closer than what the polls say. He then talks about Biden and Trump on the campaign trail and said, “Where was Joe Biden?” after noting all of the places Trump has visited to campaign. Coons responds saying that, “Joe Biden takes no votes for granted. As you know, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have crisscrossed the country, campaigning in critical decisive swing states-“

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Tapper cut him off and said, “Not the way President Trump is campaigning.”

Senator Coons continued to defend Joe Biden for his campaigning, calling it a “tireless” effort from the democratic nominee. Then he bashes President Trump and calls him an incessant liar. Tapper disagreed that Joe Biden has been working tirelessly considering the fact that he’s called a lid, yet again, only a few weeks before an election.

Take a look at the exchange between Jake Tapper and Chris Coons below.

Sources: GOP War Room YouTube, Conservative Brief; Photo-Washington Times

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