WATCH: Joe Biden Rally is Sleepier Than He is; Trump Rally Attendance is HUGE

Sleepy Joe held a campaign rally in Michigan the other day that turned out to be sleepier than he is. He had a massive teleprompter up to help him continue to give fake promises, like the ones he’s been giving the American people for the last 47 years. Joe Biden hasn’t been on the campaign trail very much these last few months, only rallying and making appearances every so often. Meanwhile President Trump has been hard at work campaigning AND running the country AND just recovered from battling the coronavirus. Vice President Mike Pence has been non stop campaigning this entire week as well.

Eric Trump posted the video of the Biden Michigan rally earlier today. It’s a brief video, but it seems that most of the people there are staffers or workers there to coordinate the rally. Needless, to say there was a lot of empty space, and that wasn’t due to social distancing.

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Soon after returning home from his 3 day stay at Walter Reed Medical Center to be treated for covid-19, President Trump spoke to supporters at the White House. It was his first public event since the diagnosis and he told attendees that he was feeling great. His doctor has cleared him for public engagements and events, thus why Trump is back on the trail, campaigning hard.

Florida is a battleground state in the election and Trump held a rally there with thousands of supporters in attendance. That is a dramatic difference from the attendance at any of Joe Biden rallies, especially recently. The polls are reporting that Biden is in the lead and they’re predicting a landslide victory, but based on official rallies and Trump parades across the country, those polls have proved to be misleading. It seems that President Trump is looking better and better for reelection that the mainstream media would like the country to believe.

There are less than 20 days until the election, Biden and Trump both have a lot to do to win over voters that will make or break their win. Many are still on the fence, feeling that neither option is good for them, their families, or America. But in contrast, many, many people are shouting their support for President Trump saying they wish they had been “red pilled” sooner. Reelection is looking good for the President.

Sources: Twitter, BBC; Photo-Bay News 9

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