WATCH: Joe Biden Fired Up on Stage; Has Major Gaffe

Joe Biden will always be known for his infamous gaffes that have gotten everyone, even the Democrats, to turn their head and say, “Really?”

Like when Joe Biden was at one of his own presidential campaign rallies and he announced that he was proudly running for the United States Senate.

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Or just last week, on the debate stage he got President Trump mixed up with Abraham Lincoln and called one of them-or maybe both of them-the most racist President in history. Abraham Lincoln or Donald Trump as the most racist President? Abraham Lincoln was the man who freed the slaves that Democrats had been trying to keep enslaved. And President Trump the man who has done more for the Black community in less than four years than Joe Biden could have even promised to do in over four decades. Trump who recently announced “The Platinum Plan” which will greatly help the Black community to get education, employment, and other things.

Joe Biden hasn’t always been known to be a well spoken man. Nor a very kind spoken man. Decades ago, when talking about desegregating schools he said that if that happened the schools would become a jungle. Joe Biden doesn’t care for members of the Black community, nor does he think they’re capable of making their own decision. In an interview with Charlamagne tha God he told Black voters that if they vote for Trump, or can’t even decide between the two candidates, then they “ain’t black.” That was a big mistake Joe.

Recently at a campaign event in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden was fired up on stage, speaking excitedly to the crowd. He said that he would “lead an effective strategy to mobilize truaidadinnerdapreshure”. Whatever that means.

Joe Biden has proved to the American people over the campaign cycle that he is incapable of serving as President, he’s old and isn’t entirely mentally present. That happens as people age, which he has. He’s been in office for almost 50 years, is nearing 80, and it’s time for him to go home and retire. If he can’t speak effectively at a rally, how is he supposed to speak with foreign powers, negotiate deals, and inspire hope and confidence in the American people when no one knows what he is even saying?

Watch the clip here.

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