WATCH: Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell, Who Slept With A Chinese Spy, Comments On Chinese Intel Possibly Gained In Relationship

Credit: Fox News

Democrat House Rep. Eric Swalwell made an appearance on CNN Sunday morning. He was questioned about his relationship and involvement with a Chinese spy and was asked if it put him in a “vulnerable” position.

What the speaker said about you is that in 2012 a suspected spy developed ties to you and your office,” began CNN host Dana Bash. “She raised campaign funds for you. Cleary, you cut off ties with this person in 2015 who you found out they cooperated with the FBI, but the bottom line question is this, did you put yourself in a vulnerable position in any way so that this alleged Chinese spy could have benefited or learn American secrets?” she asked.

Absolutely not,” he responded. “I was never under any suspicion of wrongdoing. But more than that, Speaker Boehner was briefed on this investigation; he could have removed me, but he didn’t,” Swalwell said.

“There’s nothing there. I did what every American should have. This is some Bakersfield BS. It’s Kevin McCarthy weaponizing his ability to commit this political abuse because he perceives me, just like Mr. Schiff and Ms. Omar as an effective political opponent,” Swalwell claimed.

CNN also interviewed Adam Schiff on Sunday.

The interviewer, Dana Bash, asked Schiff why he lied about knowledge of a whistleblower during the first Trump impeachment. He fumbled over his words.

The Washington Post identified that, yes, before that person became a whistleblower, they sought advice from the committee,” Schiff began. 

“When I was asked the question, I thought they were referring to whether we had brought the whistleblower in. I should have been more clear in my answer,” Schiff said.

The CNN segment featured all three of the House members who were kicked off committees by Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy denied seats on the House Intelligence Committee to Reps. Swalwell and Adam Schiff.

“I cannot put partisan loyalty ahead of national security, and I cannot simply recognize years of service as the sole criteria for membership on this essential committee. Integrity matters more,” McCarthy wrote in a letter to House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries that he posted on Twitter Tuesday night.

McCarthy cited a “new standard” from Democrats for why he would take away Swalwell and Schiff’s committee assignments. The Democrat-led House removed Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar from their committees for “inflammatory rhetoric.”

In the letter, McCarthy added that “it is my assessment that the misuse of this panel during the 116th and 117th Congresses severely undermined its primary national security and oversight missions – ultimately leaving our nation less safe,” and that he wants the panel to be one of “genuine honesty and credibility that regains the trust of the American people.”

Swalwell said that his removal from the committee was “political vengeance.”

Schiff added, “I think this is a terrible move on his part and once again, showing McCarthy just catering to the most extreme elements of this conference.”

Schiff will still sit on the Judiciary Committee, and Swalwell told CNN that he would sit on the Judiciary and Homeland Security Panels.

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