WATCH: Barack Obama Draws Shockingly Small Crowd for Joe Biden Rally in Philadelphia

When Obama was president he drew thousands and thousands of people to his rallies and speaking events. He’s charismatic, exciting, and got the American people excited about their president. People wanted to hear him speak and they would come from far and wide to hear him. Biden hasn’t been pulling the same enthusiasm on his campaign trail, images and videos show that attendance at most Biden rallies (and citizen organized parades) are severely lacking in attendance.

The former President tried to help out his democratic collegue so he held a drive-in rally in Philadelphia to excite Biden supports and hopefully gain new ones. This is the first in-person event and appearance Obama has made for the Biden-Harris campaign. The attendance was shocking. And not in the way you would think, especially coming from Obama. Video posted to Twitter shows maybe a dozen or so people in attendance at the rally.

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At the rally Obama encouraged attendees to vote blue this election, “You know Joe, the scrappy guy form Scranton. He knows you, he understands your issues. The thing is, this is not a reality show, this is reality. Our proud reputation around the world is in tatters. Right now, you can vote for my friend Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris as the next president and vice president of the United States of America.

Biden has been struggling to gain the support of Americans. He is old, been in office for 47 years and hasn’t made good on any of his promises, he’s made some very racist remarks, and he just doesn’t draw people to the democrat party like Obama could.

It’s also possible that people aren’t drawn to Joe Biden because they are instead drawn to President Trump. Trump, like Obama, draws tens of thousands of people at his rallies. The room is always packed when the President speaks. New polls and reports are showing favorability of the President is increasing. Trump has gained quite the support from the Black and Latino communities, people are showing up in droves at rallies and parades to show support for Trump.

The numbers, so far, seem to be predicting a reelection win for Donald Trump, but time will tell. The election is about 10 days away and soon we’ll know if America wants four more years to Make America Great Again.

Sources: Conservative Brief, Twitter, CBS Philly; Photo-The Australian

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