WATCH: AOC Blasts Long Lines at the Polls, Calling it Voter Suppression

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed up at a Bronx polling site and blasted the hours-long wait lines at polling places in New York to cast your vote. She called the long wait times “voter suppression”. AOC said it doesn’t matter that it’s a blue state and that if this were happening in a swing state it would be wildly covered by the news media.

She said, “You know listen, there is no place in the United States of America where two-, three-, four-hour waits to vote is acceptable. And just because it’s happening in a blue state doesn’t mean that it’s not voter suppression, ya know, if we are waiting three hours, four hours, five hours. If this was happening in a swing state there would be national coverage. So I don’t want us to think that just because this is a blue state that this isn’t a problem.”

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AOC continued that there is a lot of work to be done to handle this large problem and is “thrilled to see” the large numbers of people “overcoming this injustice” and choosing to wait in the lines despite the long wait to cast their vote. She said, “We are going to overcome this hurtle so that we can elect the folks that will make sure that this will not be a problem in the future.”

Her initial statement was met with one or two cheers from people standing nearby. AOC laughed and smiled big that someone was applauding her. Someone asked her about voter suppression in New York and if it’s being done intentionally. She said that it can happen intentionally or unintentionally. She said, “At the end of the day, if the line to your polling place is so long that you don’t vote that is a form of disenfranchisement.”

She encouraged voters who are unable or unwilling to cast their vote in person to mail in their ballot to make sure their vote gets in. She said, “You can do it!” She beamed at the thought of one day making Election Day a national holiday so that Americans can more easily vote.

Watch the clip here:

Sources: Twitter, Breaking 911, New York Post; Photo-The Independent

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