VP Pence and Kamala Harris Will be Separated by Plexiglass Barrier While Being 13 Feet Apart at Debate

After the fallout of President Trump testing positive for COVID-19, Kamala Harris has wanted extra protection during her debate with Mike Pence to avoid any risks. The two candidates will have 13 feet of space between them and they will have a plexiglass barrier in an attempt to stop any spreading of the virus. Mike Pence’s camp has said that they don’t support such extensive barriers.

Is This Necessary?

The spokesperson for Mike Pence seems to be conveying a message that they believe this is going too far. “If Senator Harris wants to use a fortress around herself, have at it.” This quote implies that Mike Pence doesn’t want all of this extra barriers for the debate. If Kamala Harris is going to box herself in, he certainly wants it to be obvious that he isn’t hiding like she is. Will either of the candidates take shots at each other over the handling of this situation? It is yet to be seen but we can know for sure Mike Pence is not fond of what is being done.

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