VOTE NOW! Was the 2020 Presidential Election Rigged for Biden?

Ever since November 3rd, President Trump and his administration have been fighting in numerous court battles in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada to prove that mass election fraud had occurred and thousands of illegal ballots must be discarded and discounted.

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One of the main arguments was that GOP observers were forced out of counting centers and were not allowed to view ballot counting (violates state legislature in each swing state). In addition, in many cases where GOP observers were granted entry, they were forced to stand so far back that they needed to use binoculars to view ballots.

In other places such as Detroit, ballot counters blocked windows with cardboard boxes in order to block the view of GOP observers. In addition, video evidence has emerged showing 4 ballot counters staying behind, counting ballots for four hours after GOP observers and the media were forced to leave due to a “pipe burst” in Georgia.

If you believe that there was mass voter fraud and the election was rigged, vote in our poll above!

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