VOTE NOW: Should Georgia have a new Presidential Election due to mass evidence of voter fraud & the inability to authenticate ballots counted without GOP observers???

Nearly a month and a half has passed since the ‘November 3rd Election’ and state remains contested and highly disputed. Over the course of this time period, Georgia has recounted and have discovered “missing” Trump votes.

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Although the recount led to the findings of thousands of votes favoring the President, Georgia continues to refuse to do a signature match that will expose fraudulent mail in ballots and likely lead to a President Trump victory in the state.

While the RINO Governor and secretary of State in Georgia refuse to force a signature verification, a bombshell video was released that showed that when the so called ‘pipe burst’ occurred, forcing all GOP observers and media reporters out.

Once everyone was removed from the scene, 4 Democrats were stayed behind and took out hidden bags of ballots from under tables and continued counting for hours. These ballots are impossible to authenticate and are illegal under Georgia law without GOP observers.

If you believe that in order to protect voter confidence in the integrity of the election that a new election must occur in Georgia, vote in our poll above!

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