Virginia drops all advanced classes before 11th grade due to unequal minority representation

The Virginia Department of Education has dropped all advanced classes before 11th grade due to unequal minority representation.

Loudoun County School Board Member Ian Serotkin of Blue Ridge District Virginia posted comments about the new initiative to drop all advanced mathematics courses for students before the 11th grade in the public system. As of right now this initiative was proposed by a staff member on the Virginia Mathematics Pathways Initiative (VMPI) during a Curriculum & Instruction Committee Meeting last Monday night. The planned implementation provided by the VMPI group would be the year 2025. One of the goals for this initiative as provided in their website objective list is “Improve equity in mathematics learning opportunities” and “Empower students to be active participants in a quantitative world.”

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Spokesperson Charles Pyle of the Virginia Department of Education indicated to Fox News that the adjusted classes in this type of initiative “would allow for some degree of variation related to a pupil’s proficiency.” This initiative is a system that would continue to push students through the K-12 education programs at a fairly equal pass as their fellow students. The goal is to introduce advanced courses in fractional sizes to students during their middle and high school years, instead of the traditional system of teaching students new segments of math on a yearly basis. While this program seems promising and bright for the students of the future, some critics have expressly criticized this proposal.

Commenter Brian Brown stated “This initiative is nothing other than a dumbing down of the curriculum that will result in children with superior math skills being stifled” and “Is this to ensure “equitable” outcomes for…who? Young people who excel need to be unleashed, not reigned in, whether it is math, science, written and spoken languages, the arts, sports, or any other academic subject or elective activity that enriches their lives.” With concerned parents and curriculum administrators there will be future opportunities to learn and question this proposal during next week’s meeting. Also the Department of Education will live stream the meetings through YouTube.





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