VIDEO INCLUDED: Elon Musk’s Asperger’s is Mocked On Camera By A Twitter Executive, Who Refers To Him As “Special Needs”

Photo Source: Project Veritas

After catching Project Veritas’ latest undercover video, which shows the alleged employee insulting the billionaire for having Asperger’s and believing in free speech, one Twitter official should be polishing his resume today.

The employee, named by Project Veritas as Lead Client Partner Alex Martinez, mocks the billionaire, confesses the social media network restricts users, and, in an ironic twist, claims he is extra careful since he knows the undercover journalism group is out to film Twitter workers. Martinez adds on the video, which appears to have been recorded at a bar or restaurant, “He has Asperger’s.” “So he’s unique.'”

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“You’re… special needs, I say. Martinez described you as special needs.” Musk, who admitted he had Asperger’s last year during an appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” replied passionately on Twitter. With a frown emoji, he added, “Twitter exec destroying free speech & ridiculing folks with Asperger’s.”

Musk, whose $44 billion offer for Twitter is on hold while he requests an audit to discover how many of the platform’s active daily users are bots or spam accounts, has stated that he wants to take Twitter private so that it may operate as a “town square” for free expression. Nothing Martinez says in the undercover film will persuade Musk that Twitter does not silence people because of their opinions.

“The rest of us who have been here believe in something more than just giving individuals free expression,” Martinez adds. “It’ll be difficult for him to say, ‘Uh because individuals should be able to make their own decisions,'” says the author. If you don’t put out right things that are intended to be out in the public, it’s as if people don’t know how to make a sensible decision.” Martinez goes on to claim that in order to be fair, Twitter should filter users.

The undercover reporter then reads from a corporate caution while feigning ignorance about his own organization. “It says ‘right now, groups like “Project Ve-ree-tas” are operating,” he says. “What on earth is that?” Martinez is familiar with Project Veritas. Martinez responds, “It’s like some group is attempting to weed out the staff.” “Like, they’re trying to set them up on dates, like this.”

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And then go sell it to The New York Times, saying, “This is what the Twitter employee just stated.” “You’re glad you met me organically otherwise, I’d be questioning everything about you,” he continues. Twitter senior developer Siru Murugesan stated that the company “does not believe in free expression.”

“It doesn’t make sense ideologically,” Martinez tells an undercover Project Veritas journalist, “since we’re actually banning the right and not the left.” “So everyone on the right will say, ‘Bro, it’s fine to say it; you just have to endure it.’ ‘No, I’m not going to allow that,’ the left will say. I’m not going to be on the platform unless it’s filtered.'”

Since Elon Musk stated on April 4 that he owned 9.2% of Twitter (TWTR) – Get Twitter, Inc. Report and made a $44 billion offer to purchase the microblogging site nine days later, the tale has taken at least one twist and turn every day.

The most recent twist looks to be personal. As they discuss the sale, the billionaire and the Twitter board are going head to head. Given the immense financial stakes and the influence on both sides, this is to be anticipated.

Outsiders, on the other hand, are tweeting insensitive about Musk. One of Musk’s justifications when he announced his offer on Twitter was that he would purge the platform of spambots and phony accounts.

However, since May 13, Musk has claimed, without proof or independent research, that Twitter has too many automated accounts and that Twitter misled in its financial reports when it said the proportion was less than 5%. For years, Twitter has stated in its Securities and Exchange Commission filings that it had a spambot problem.

The company warns in such disclosures that the number of bogus accounts must be higher than it shows. Still, Musk has made it a sticking point in the negotiations, and some analysts believe it’s a negotiating strategy to lower the $54.20-per-share acquisition price or a way for him to back out.

In a recent letter to clients, Wedbush analysts Dan Ives and John Katsingris said, “The bot issue [is], not a new issue and likely more of a scapegoat to push for a cheaper price.” On Tuesday, May 17, the business submitted its preliminary proxy to the SEC. The paperwork indicates that the transaction will be completed as is.

Musk responded to the board’s determination to compel the transaction to be complete with a series of additional tweets, some of which are in response to frightening films shared on Twitter. A guy described as a Twitter manager mocks Musk for having Asperger’s condition in one of the videos. “He has Asperger’s syndrome, so he’s unique,” the father explained. “It’s as if you [Elon Musk] have special needs.”

The video appears to have been taken at a pub or restaurant by the man’s table neighbor. The video was obtained by Project Veritas and shared on Twitter by Benny Johnson, a gadfly meme aficionado and conservative activist who is also the co-founder of Arsenal Media. The video has gone viral. Johnson has been dubbed the “Godfather of the Conservative Internet.”

According to The Verge, Arsenal Media, which counts high-known Republican Party candidates among its customers, has made a practice of generating viral films that allow politicians to collect money and improve their visibility. Musk reacted to the video, viewing it as a fresh way to criticize Twitter. The billionaire tweeted, “Twitter executive undermining free speech and ridiculing folks with Asperger’s.”

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