URGENT POLL: Should President Trump Declare Martial Law & use the US Military to oversight a NEW Presidential Election?

Over a month has passed from what was supposed to be “Election Day”, however the 2020 election has officially turned into “Election Months”. Over the course of the past month, evidence of fraud in nearly every swing state has become overwhelming.

In nearly every swing state, GOP observers were either forced to stand so far from counters, that they needed binoculars or they were kicked out entirely. Furthermore, the mainstream use of mail in ballots has made it nearly impossible to determine what ballots are legitimate or illegitimate.

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In addition, the lack of signature verification and illegal voters on voter rolls has show mass concern over the legitimacy of the election. On that note, a new video in Gerogia has surfaced, showing 4 ballot counters staying and counting ballots found underneath a table after observers were forced to leave.

With that being said, this election has become so fraudulent that the only way to build confidence in our election system is with a new election performed with the oversight of the United States Military.

Do you Support President Trump declaring Martial Law and having the United States Military ensure a safe, secure and legitimate election? Vote now in our poll above!

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