URGENT POLL: Is Joe Biden Controlled by China?

Over the course of the past several years, reports of Hunter Biden using his father’s name to secure billions of dollars worth of business deals has become the center of attention for international corruption for the Biden family.

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When asked during an interview, Hunter Biden admitted that he would have never been on the board of Burisma or secure many of his business deals if it weren’t for his father being the Vice President of the United States.

Furthermore, Joe Biden even admitted to firing the prosecutor looking into Burisma in Ukraine. Hunter Biden also received a billion dollar deal from Communist China after riding aboard Air Force 2 with his father.

Recent reports indicate that Joe Biden “the big guy” may have also made millions off of this corrupt deal. Furthermore, with new reports showing how badly our Democrat politicians were compromised by Chinese spies as well as Joe Biden’s refusal to hold China accountable (even after the China Virus), it really begins to make sense why China wanted Biden to be elected.

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