URGENT POLL: Did Joe Biden Steal the 2020 Election???

In what has become the craziest election of our lifetime, the 2020 election has been a complete disaster with the mass use of mail in ballots. Since what was supposed to be ‘Election Day’ on November 3rd, 2020, evidence of fraud has reach unbelievable levels.

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Before going into the fraud that took place, there are a lot of inconsistencies that raised eyebrows durring the counting process, this include windows being covered with boxes in Detroit Michigan, and GOP observers being forced out of counting centers in every contested swing state. Furthermore, on election night, why were states called nearly instantly for Biden such as Virginia and Arizona, yet it took hours to call Florida, Ohio, Texas, etc.?

Big ballot dumps that took place in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia all favored Biden in numbers that are statistically impossible. Also the video of media and GOP observers being forced out when a so called pipe burst in Georgia, yet two people stayed behind and counted ballots that were hidden in suitcases under a table.

On top of the fraud and irregularities, Dominion Voting Machines has become under huge security after the discovery of ties to Venezuela and China, that has shown to switch Trump votes to Biden in multiple forensic audits.

Lastly, Biden had said prior to the election, he doesn’t need your vote to get elected, but he’ll need you after, as well as saying that he has assembled the largest voter fraud network. Hillary Clinton also said to Biden to not concede under any circumstances because she believes it will drag out and Biden would win.

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