ULTRA-LIBERAL French President Macron depicted as HITLER in nation-wide protests against NAZI COVID policies

French demonstrators created a billboard depicting President Emmanuel Macron as Hitler and comparing COVID-19 policies to Naziism.

In French, the sign read, “Obey: Get Vaccinated.” The controversial billboard arrives with a dramatic wave of protestors standing against recent government proposals. Some 114,000 people have rallied across France over new coronavirus restrictions, including compulsory vaccination. FBA reported, “Starting on July 21st, citizens over the age of 12 in France must get either 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or a nose swab every 2-3 weeks,” to comply with government health orders.

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Furthermore, the policy would require digital proof of vaccination status to engage in society, from working to visiting bars, museums, and more. Despite mass protests, Macron and the French Government have continued the implementation of the ‘health pass.’

Vaccination status clearance is required for all places with over 50 people and will extend to other public gatherings such as restaurants in August. COVID-19 cases have reportedly spiked in France, igniting concerns of a ‘third-wave.’ Prime Minister Jean Castex told reporters the answer is “vaccination, vaccination, vaccination.”

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