Ukraine’s Ambassador Markarova Says It’s Time For The United States And The World To ‘Step Up’ Against Russian Invasion

Photo Source: Reuters

As Russia pursues its invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States stated on Sunday that it is time for the rest of the world to “stand up.”

Ambassador Oksana Markarova advocated for harsher sanctions and a “complete ban on oil and gas” in an interview with “Fox News Sunday.”

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“The events of the last 11 days have clearly demonstrated that we must act together, and that Russia may strike anyone completely unprovoked, like they did with Ukraine, therefore it is time for all of us to stand up,” Markarova added.

“I think the focus right now should be ‘what do we do to stop them,’ because unfortunately every large war in the past started locally and we know from the past that all of them could have been stopped locally” Markarova said.

“so it’s time for all democratic civilized world who together with us, stand together with us today, act together with us.” According to Markarova, the sanctions imposed on Russia have not yet stopped the invasion, and the aggressiveness has risen.

“The sanctions should toughen up, so we are asking for full embargo on oil and gas,” she said.

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“This is a terrorist state and we should treat Russia as terrorist state, and of course we are also asking to protect the civilians. That’s why we need all the support that NATO allies, or individual countries can provide to us.” she stated.

“It’s not about Ukraine or it’s not only about Ukraine, and it’s not even about [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s state of mind,” she added.

“Russia will do everything possible … to get Ukraine back. This is nothing new to us. We live with us for the past 400 years,” she said.

“They attacked us, they always supported the pro-Russian government, they tried to install them in Ukraine previously, that’s where we had two revolutions of dignity… because we are a democracy — essentially said ‘no, we want to be free, we want to be European, we want to live like we want to live.” she stated.

“That’s why they attacked us militarily, that’s why they illegally grabbed Crimea… that’s why they are killing us now or trying to kill. And they’re trying to attack us.” she added.

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