TRUMP SPEAKS OUT: Speaking Out On The 2024 Elections Trump Says, ‘We Will Take Back the Beautiful White House; I Wonder Who Will Do That?’

Photo Source: breitbart.com

Trump told a devoted crowd enduring the cold and rain, breaking into a chorus of “We love Trump” at moments.

“You are going to elect a fantastic slate of pure America First Republicans.” “You’re going to re-elect your governor, Henry McMaster, and together we’re going to put an end to Nancy Pelosi’s political career.” he said.

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“It’s one train derailment after another.” Trump attacked Biden’s government for America’s weakness, including the departure from Afghanistan and allowing Russia’s Vladimir Putin to occupy Ukraine: “the smell of the Biden administration runs all over the globe.” he added.

“With a humiliating capitulation in Afghanistan, he degraded our nation; there has never been a worse time in our country’s history,” Trump added.

Biden’s decision to follow former President Barack Obama’s example from behind has been disastrous and detrimental to Ukraine and the rest of the globe, he said. “We achieved peace with strength,” Trump declared. “That’s exactly what it was.”

“Because America was powerful and the world appreciated our leadership, our country was safe and the globe was serene. And America was always a place I put ahead of everyone else.” America was always put first. “It’s quite simple.” Trump resumed his war on false news, tainting his government and enabling Biden’s election to result in “bloodshed” throughout the world.

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“The fake news said my personality would get us into a war: ‘I’m telling you, that guy is going to get us into a war,’” Trump said. “But, actually, my personality is what kept us out of war. I was the only president in nearly four decades who did not get America into any new conflicts instead.

“I brought our troops and our wonderful children back home. I brought them back home where they belong. Under Joe Biden, There has never been a time where our country has been treated the way it is right now.”

“I was right on the border. I was right on the pipeline. I was right on Germany and NATO. It is not just Democrats who need to be defeated in this midterm election year, noting Republicans in name only (RINOs) need to be defeated, too” Trump said.

“we first have to defeat the RINOs and grandstanders in the primaries earlier this year,” Trump said. Trump teased another 2024 presidential campaign run, stopping short of announcing his official campaign. “we are going to take back that beautiful, beautiful White House,” Trump nearly ended the rally saying, “I wonder who will do that? I wonder.”

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