Trump Campaign Releases a Post Town Hall Statement: “President Trump Soundly Defeated NBC’s Savannah Guthrie In Her Role As Debate Opponent and Joe Biden Surrogate”

As it normally is in todays media, the moderator for the Trump Town Hall hosted by NBC was a liberal hack. Right from the start the moderator continued to push the media’s narrative that Donald Trump completely botched the coronavirus inside the United States. It took nearly a half hour it seemed to even reach a point where they were talking about something relevant.

The Trump Campaign noticed this and released the following statement about the town hall.

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This Was an Accurate Portrayal of Trump vs Media in 2020

Most avid supporters of Donald Trump saw a continuation of what they have been seeing for 5 years now. Donald Trump is a different breed when it comes to being a politician and dealing with the media. Many Americans are inspired by the President and his willingness to call the media out for their lies. We need a fighter who will continue to take down this media establishment. The President forces them to show their true colors and the exposure needs to continue for more Americans to wake up to the media in 2020.

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