Trump Calls Out Twitter Execs for ‘Fixing’ the 2020 Election

President Trump on Monday accused Twitter of ‘fixing’ the election by suppressing The Post’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s business dealings and by boosting negative media coverage of his administration.

At his first rally on Election Day eve in Fayetteville, N.C., the commander-in-chief accused Twitter executives and “big tech” of making unflattering media coverage of him their top trending topic in a bid to oust him.

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“I see it on Twitter: ‘Trending, trending, trend,’ right? It’s not trending. They put the most boring thing. Anything bad about me: ‘Number one in the world on trend,’” he told a crowd of supporters.

“Boring stuff. I mean like stuff, oh, as opposed to affairs, scandals. They don’t even put that stuff up. It’s Trump: two, three, four, five items. It’s a fix. It’s a fix,” he went on.

The president called the Silicon Valley company “phony guys who fix the elections” and said they should be subject to campaign finance violations for blocking its users from sharing The Post’s expose on the Biden family’s murky dealings in China and Ukraine.

The platform also shut down The Post’s official account for two weeks but capitulated on Friday under immense political pressure. “They’re like a hero paper,” Trump said in Fayetteville on Monday.

The commander-in-chief in May signed an executive order to curtail Section 230, a federal law that prevents tech titans from being held liable for the content their users’ post.

The CEOS of Google, Twitter and Facebook were hauled before Congress last month in a hearing on Section 230 and were grilled over censorship concerns in the wake of the Hunter Biden exposé.

Sources: NY Post; Image: The Economic Times

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