Trending Now: Netflix Show For Children Faces Severe Backlash For Teaching Kids They Can Use “They/Them Pronouns” And Identify As “Non-Binary”


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Netflix is in the middle of another controversy. Again, it involves the trans movement. 

Dave Chappelle was big enough and popular enough to survive the calls for his cancellation. A kids’ cartoon sees another fate. 

After the release of Chappelle’s comedy special, “The Closer,” transgender Netflix employees, celebrities, and LGBTQ advocacy groups called on Netflix to pull the special off their streaming service. 

His opponents labeled Chappelle as transphobic because of jokes about trans people and the LGBTQ community at large. Efforts to cancel Chappelle were fruitless, however. 

A Netflix cartoon entitled “Ridley Jones” released its latest season on March 6 and received a lot of backlash when one of the characters came out as transgender in an episode called “Happy Herd Day.” 

Winifred, a female bison, has decided to go by Fred and is nervous about telling her grandmother. Fred says to Ridley, “The last time I saw my grandma, I used a different name and pronouns.”

“Grandma doesn’t know I changed. She still thinks I’m her granddaughter instead of her grandFred…I do want to tell her,” Fred tells Ridley.

“My heart says that the way I feel most myself is to go by the name ‘Fred.’ That’s because I’m nonbinary and Fred is the name that fits me best. And I also use ‘they’ and ‘them,’ because calling me a she or a he doesn’t feel right to me,” Fred says to his randma Dottie.

Netflix has since canceled the show drawing the ire of the show’s creator Chris Nee. She took to Twitter looking for support.

She wrote, “Doesn’t surprise me that Netflix has quietly dumped the first preschool show that has a non-binary character coming out. Ridley Jones 5 episode Happy Herd Day Fred tells their Grandma played by #CyndiLauper that they’ve changed their name and pronouns. Watch it. Tweet about it.”

“I realize in this day and age dumped means many things. Just zero promotion of the episode. So go watch it. Show your kids. It’s on Netflix. It’s important. It’s a roadmap for coming out but also for having someone else tell you they’ve changed their pronouns and/or name,” Nee continued.

In an article for the Federalist entitled, “How The Trans-Agenda Seeks To Redefine Everyone,” Stella Morabito discusses the pressure the small minority of trans activists put on everyone to comply with their view of the world.

They reject biological facts and refer to gender as a social construct. She concludes the article with this thought:

“As we navigate the labyrinths of identity politics, we must never forget that forcing changes in our language forces changes in our thoughts. And in the case of gender identity, this means accepting language that universally redefines—or perhaps more accurately, un-defines—us all.”

Those who live by identity politics have become masters of changing the language to fit their agenda.

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